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The Stone Soup Story

Everyone has an origin story.  Ours started many years ago.  We, Sharon and Kim, had been working together for over a decade at our separate practices, sharing stories at monthly meetings or when we would cross paths in between sessions. A common thread that brought each of us excitement was the idea of opening up a center.  With many hardship events in our society in 2020, we felt like it was time to offer more.


We took our name "Stone Soup" from an old European folktale, in which a stranger comes into a struggling village and offers to conjure a delicious soup with a simple stone.


Beginning with the stone as the first ingredient, the kind stranger then entertains the villagers, and invites them to offer what they have to the soup.  In the end, they all share a wonderful soup, and are nourished by both the food and the community.

This story embodies so much of what we believe in psychologically, and what we want to offer at our center among our staff and for our patients. When we bring many things together, it becomes a wonderful experience, fulfilling and rich. All of the different people, all of the factions, all of us, are important and valuable. When we can see the value of the parts, we benefit as a whole.


When you join us at Stone Soup Counseling Center, we hope for you to feel valued, accepted, and deeply nourished.

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