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Donny Gann, LCSW-C


Pronouns: He/Him/His

Change is happening within us and around us all the time. Even when we feel the most stuck in old habits and patterns that no longer work for us, we are still changing. Counseling can help us see these patterns and shift the dynamic to help us move and grow in ways which reflect our wishes and values.

I enjoy listening to the stories other people tell me about their lives. I like to help them identify and enhance their strengths and to find the patterns of action or inaction that need to shift to allow for new growth.

My work is influenced by mindfulness, harm reduction and the wisdom of the natural world in which all of us live.

SSC Donny G Fav Edited.webp


Adults, Adolescents (13+)

Inidividuals, families


Depression, anxiety, life transitions, relationship issues, substance misuse, adjustment to illness, psychedelic integration

Treatment approaches

Mindfulness, harm reduction, strengths-based, transpersonal

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