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New Clients

It is a brave step to say that you are ready to feel better. You might not feel that way now, but it's true. 


You will first speak with our intake person, who will talk with you for a few minutes to initially see if we are the right fit for you. She will take your basic information, including name, date of birth, and insurance information so that we can check your benefits. An appointment will either be scheduled right then, or you will then get a call from your new therapist to schedule.

Before you can have your first session, we have some initial forms for you to fill out. 


The first session is an "Intake" which is a time to go over what you are dealing with right now, your immediate symptoms, and do a brief overview about some personal history. At the end of the session, your therapist can provide you with their initial views and how they think treatment can help. Your therapist may give other recommendations, such as to consult with a doctor or psychiatrist. or even other treatment places if we think those would work better for you. 


After this, the duration of your meetings are determined by how long it takes until you feel that your symptoms are resolved and you feel good about how you can cope. Typically weekly sessions are recommended for the best results. At times it may work better to meet more frequently. As you progress, there is also an option to slow down to every other week. Above all, the pace and course of treatment is largely determined by you.

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